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Welcome to a new kind of art gallery, and a new movement of Magical Realism in art and art video music instllations. We provide a full range of Original Acrylic, Digital Art with and without AI tools, Multimedia Art, Acrylic customization, and Photography.

Joshua Aasgaard's favorite thing: making kind, loving people a personalized artwork of lasting beauty using (your or his) photography and fusing it into his digitally created and edited art, then (when wanted) embellishing it with gold and purple acrylic touches, and then reworking it after Giclee printing on museum quality premium canvas. I use the same equipment used at the Smithsonian, Art Institute of Chicago, Webster University, and top giclee printing houses. The difference is I don't outsource any part of my art creation. So, quality can be guaranteed. My work will not scale. This is by intention.

Joshua Aasgaard is the son of a New Orleans Jackson Square portrait artist. He has worked in graphic design, advertising, non-linear digital video editing, photography, and education. He retired from Special School District in May of 2023, having served students with autism, intellectual disability, and emotional disturbance.

Prior to becoming a special educaiton teacher he worked as an advertising director, a creative promotions director, graphic designer and digital artist. He has been using PageMaker which became InDesign a few years after Adobe bought PageMaker from Aldus. He used photoshop the month it premiered.

Joshua specializes in neo-expressionist, and impressionist digital artwork as well as acrylic traditional paintings. He most enjoys incorporating his and clients' photography into his artistic expression, making the photos POP from the art work, to create a unique expression. He further enjoys creating art music videos with animation. He creates many versions of animals, real and fantastical, so that people can choose the ones they are most drawn toward. Over the next decade(s) he hopes to create an art movement known as Magical Realism that incorpates all the elements of the literary movement into an art movement.

Joshua is a fan of sunsets, beach scenes, astrophotography, mountain landscapes, seascapes, surrealist art, incorporating the values of literary magical realism into his art and poetry. All of his artworks include 1-3 poems on their reverse about the given art work. For custom work, you need only select an artwork you like, and he will incorporate your photos (or locally can take photos of you and/or your pets) into it.

His process varies according to the piece, whether it is multimedia, mixed media, acrylic, digital, or AI. He edits all work for composition and lighting. Most effects and lighting are added after initial composition, and many artifacts (mistakes) that happen in early and some current versions of AI, he will rework or retouch by hand to eliminate them. If you order a work that has such artifacts they may become valued as this is the historical beginning of useful generative artifical intelligence tools. However, most of the time Joshua will fix such errors using Photoshop or other digital tools. Sometimes he will fix some things after printing, and paint with acryilics on the high quality canvas that he uses,

Prints are on a 44" wide format Giclee museum quality printer with inks that can last without varnishing for hundreds of years without fading. Whether or not you chose to have paintings varnished at the end is up to you. Also, framing and how you receive the paintings depends on your budget. The preferred method is to ship the canvas to your specification in an affordable, mailable art-roll. Then you may mat and frame to your liking. All artworks will have a 2" extra margin from the size selected so they can be put on canvas stretch bars and hung without a frame. Or you may wish to cut off the margins or have them matted and framed on your own. You should specify if you want reworking or retouching of art printed. In those cases, you will be sent a photo of both versions and choose the one you wish to ship. Turn around time is usually 5-7 business days. You will be notified at each step of the process.

If you have any questions or concerns please call 314-600-1669 and leave a voice mail. All numbers go to voice mail until they have been white-listed. I receive over 50 solicitations daily. So it is necessary to use this method for further contact.

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